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The Miracle Spray

The Meridian System is a traditional medicinal belief about a path throughout our body in which life energy flows and that the flow of energy on these path will affect our general health and well-being. Most classic healing methods including acupuncture, massaging of pressure points, and others rely on affecting the Meridian System. Now, with RxMeridien, you can boost your life energy with just a simple spray!

RxMeridien 7 + 1 Ingredients

Boosted with Zero Point Energy for improved blood circulation.

RxMeridien – The Super Energized Multipurpose Miracle Spray.
The combination of 7 essential oil, 1 Booster and Zero Point Energy, when sprayed at the right meridian points may help:
• Boost Energy
• Combat Stress
• Fight Ageing Process
• Anti Virus & Bacteria
• Joint Pains
• External Injuries and more…


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